Dolly – caged HuCow

Dolly – caged HuCow

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Dolly is in our HuCow holding cell now. She has been taught how to behave like a good young HuCow and her training is coming along nicely. Her udders are getting a little bigger, and her nipples can handle more milking pressure. Chained to the wall, Dolly immediately sits up when the farmer comes in to inspect her udders. She knows it is time for another session! Oiling her supple udders, and taking a sip from the drinking bucket, Dolly is ready to go. The cell door is locked and the goat milker is switched on. Dolly will endure the high power of this unmodified machine for as long as the farmer leaves the machine on. When it is finally switched off, Dolly is exhausted. After a final inspection, she takes a nap on her matress. The next session will be soon, she needs to rest!

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  1. She did a good job. Let her have a few orgasms as a thank you

  2. Still amazes me how a HuCOW can milk her own breasts with a powerful machine like the goat milker. Dolly’s facial expressions during her session say it all.

  3. Hot Libby

    I think Dolly’s nipples need a lot more licking and sucking. I am willing to volunteer, if required.

  4. Suzanne Stacy

    I am so wanting to be a Hu Cow slave.
    Am pumping five times a day to keep up my milk. Getting on a Milking machine would be exciting to me.
    Would love to see my big nipples after 30 minutes of intense pumping.

  5. like suzzane, i want to become a hucow. but i prefer to be thought of in terms of domesticated livestock

  6. bull for cow

    Dolly need to be pregnant to produce milk!
    It is essential to mate her with strong, muscular bull!

  7. she needs to come back

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