Penny Pocket – scared HuCow

Penny Pocket – scared HuCow

Poor Penny Pocket is plugged with a pink jewel butt plug, indicating she is a new HuCow. She is so scared! Penny is trembling when she is told to nipple clamp herself, it is her first time and it hurts her so much her hands are shaking. She is in the HuCow medical facilities for a checkup, she wants bigger udders but we need to stretch her skin to create more volume. This can not be done in a hurry, Penny will need many sessions on the electronic breast training machine to increase her udders size. Lying on her back makes her udders look even smaller, but once the machine is turned on, we easily reach an increase in volume of 300-400 percent!! That is a very strong suction, and Penny is worried and scared. To help her through the session, we use a magic wand on her, and her tiny moans of pleasure and pain are indications of her HuCow brain getting confused. She will soon get used to these sessions, first times are always hard!

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  1. The new HuCow with the Pigtail hairstyle is back for her second Update after almost eight months. If Penny wants bigger udders like Vina she needs to go through the same long process. Penny’s session on the electronic breast training machine is a nice start

  2. Hot Libby

    I think Penny’s nipples need a lot more licking and sucking. I am willing to volunteer, if required.

  3. Where can I buy this lovely machine for myself. I want to get udders on my own.

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