Katarina vibrated

Katarina vibrated

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Katarina is still here! She is one of our top HuCows, and she is very popular with our members for her enormous natural udders. Katarina has been milked for many years (not just by us) and she has really grown used to the HuCow treatment. She is quite docile (sometimes still a bit wild), and she loves her huge cowbell. Katarina plays with her udders a lot, massaging them to keep them in top shape. She likes swinging her udders and making her cowbell clang very loudly. Today she is going on the red cow milker. Quite a hard session for Katarina’s sensitive nipples, so we add some distraction with a magic wand. Keeping cows stimulated and aroused can really help to increase their production and it will also help them to start associating milking with pleasure, so their minds are more ready for the transformation into the barn life.

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  1. Huge update, Katarina always on top.
    How’s about attaching one cup on clit? This could be even better than wand. Think about this

  2. GirlCowBev

    Oh fuck yes.

  3. No more calf bucket use for them? Let the cows have the milking and the multiple controlled orgasms, then when done let them crawl on all fours to the calf bucket, and drink their fill

    Who knows, you may put the bucket on the milking bed, so they can take a nap sucking on it, and their udders can dangle through and be checked for results

  4. Hot Libby

    Can I volunteer to lick, rub and soothe Katarina’s swollen tits and nipples. They look so good.

  5. MilkerMan pussy

    Who can I talk to about putting one of the milking cups on the Hucows clit, I think this will be more pleasurable than the wand and would be more relaxing for the Hucows when their udders are being milked

  6. Yo admin! Excellent update as always, can I please make a request. Katarina was taken from the streets, she has accepted her new life but sometimes fights back and struggles. Please please do a movie where you catch her trying to escape, she begs you to let her go, she cannot last anymore, she wants to see her husband and child. The next scene she is tied to the bed and is being milked and vibrated, begging you to stop. You close the door and turn off the light, subtitle says “8 hours later” you come in and turn on the lights. She is laying there broken and the milk containers is near full. You turn it off and she passes out. No more escapes.
    Possible to see this in future?

    • Nip Trainer

      Excellent idea… I like reading the storyline in the description, but seeing it play out would add a great take

      • I would like to see another one with Ting and Weiwei.

      • Superman

        And please add the scene, when she (immobilized) tries to bite the farmer, but before or after it she gets muzzle “oh, how sweet. You want to fight back? This will stop you for good.

  7. Wannabemilkyslut

    Jealous and extremely turned on! I have started to induce my milk. Pumping for 15 minutes, 6 times a day. Massage, pegging of nipples inbetween pumping, to toughen them up. It makes me so horny. I wish I had some one to share it with.

  8. milkenema

    give her a enema

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