Valentina Bianco – jewel butt plug

Valentina Bianco – jewel butt plug

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The HuCow jewel butt plug color coding system (HJBPCCS) is not going anywhere at the moment. We started with Cherry, using a pink buttplug to indicate she was a new HuCow. But then we didn’t really follow through. Until today, when we used a red jewel plug for our very unruly HuCow Valentina Bianco. Maybe red can be for restless HuCows who aren’t docile yet? Anyway, we discovered something interesting: inserting the plug and playing with it actually made the milking session a bit easier for Valentina. She was distracted by the metal plug in her tight asshole, enough to allow for a session on the goat milker that doubled her nipples in size! Quite an interesting way of getting a HuCow’s mind off the milking pains. Valentina is such a promising HuCow, we really need to get her used to the procedures so she can start her transformation into a good docile addition to our herd!

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  1. Use colored collars to show how well a hucow is on her way to accepting her fate. That way you can know at a glance if a hucow is a calf, a yearling, all the way up to a full hucow that lets the milking and orgasms happen to her as the farmer decides. It also allows the farmer to easily transfer a collar from one hucow to another, just changing the name on the tag.

    The other option would be a set of colored tags showing which pieces of equipment get used on her. The more tags the hucow has, the higher her ‘rank’. So a hucow that is only on the goat milker might have one tag, but a hucow that can have the goat milker, red milker, calf bucket, magic wand, and butt plug used on her (maybe not all at the same time) would have four tags attached to the collar, and a fifth tag attached to one of the fourth for a total of five tags. This might encourage competition among the hucows, so be careful of a hucow that thinks she can do more than is safe.

    I wonder how Cherry would react if you had a small vibrator and touched it to the butt plug? Not the full strength magic wand, just a smaller one to distract her. Something like “moo, moo, mooOOO”

  2. good performance !

  3. NICE!! Valentina Bianco is fantastic and absolutely LOVE her nipples! Increasing the size of her nipples is a great idea and LOVE her expressions and moans of pleasure , pain and delight. Definitely Valentina deserves a session with the Sybian for some orgasmic pleasure and delight. Might I suggest as a follow up to the milking machine sessions of enlarging her nipples , how about using a pair if castration bands stretched and placed on her perfect perky nipples to increase the sensitivity as well as keep her nipples enlarged, erect, perky, hardened and ready for some additional play time sessions. NICE!! Valentina rates as a PERFECT TEN !! Love the butt plug !

  4. she deserves a big dildo at her pussy, repeat this shot with a fucking machine fucking her pussy!

  5. AcronymQuestion

    What does HJBPCCS stand for?

  6. would love to see her with double penetration fuck machine

  7. If you pop the butt plug in the fridge for an hour before sticking in the butts, that might also make them more docile quicker?

  8. Richard B

    FIGGING is an old Victorian punishment using pealed GINGER ROOT in lieu of the plug.carved in the shape of a plug..very ‘uncomfortable’..extra special is root fermenting for a week in refrigerator makes it extra powerful.Wikipedia has page on it.

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