Valentina and the Vacuum Therapy Machine

Valentina and the Vacuum Therapy Machine

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One of our resident HuCows is Valentina! She is so cute! We like to test new machines and configurations on her. Valentina is still a bit scared and very sensitive, so she makes a lot of noise when something hurts. This means we can read her very well, even when she is gagged. Today, we are testing the Vacuum Therapy Machine with some bigger cups. In case you didn’t already know: pumping the udders makes the skin more supple, allowing the udders to stretch and grow. But you have to do it gradually and very often. That’s why we are so busy here at! Of course, there was also time for a member favorite: nipple clamps before AND after pumping. HuCows don’t like nipple clamps after pumping, but members do! Valentina hates you now. But that’s ok.

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  1. very nice – love vacuum therapy… even on myself …… it looks like Valentina has a long way to go to reach the heights (or lengths) of udders like Thiccy Niccy and Lady Lyne..(how is she doing, by the way)
    Valentina DOES need some positive reinforcement – maybe continue the wand??

    • Wow you are exactly right. The farmer forgot how much Valentina needs sexual stimulation during milking. Next time, he won’t forget.

  2. Can Valentina have bigger udders like Vina ? If she is willing to suffer the pain of more sessions like this one; hopefully her breasts will grow in size.

  3. hucowlover

    Pump those udder and teat regularly, her udder need groth. And of course we like nipple clamps before and after pumping. It is painful but they should accept it because we think it is important for hucow training.

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