Dolly & Penny Lee – high speed cow milker

Dolly & Penny Lee – high speed cow milker

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A new pairing today! Putting different HuCows together is great for several reasons: production will increase when HuCows are not alone, they can take comfort in each other during the painful stages of training, and more udders in the barn is always awesome. Close friends Dolly and Penny Lee are going on the red cow milker today, in a unique standing position. The red cow milker is the most powerful milker we have, and all four cups need to be used to seal the vacuum (when used on a single HuCow, you can see we block 2 cups with special plugs). It’s hard for our farmer to put all 4 cups on at the same time, so Penny and Dolly are allowed to place their own cups before being cuffed and gagged. Penny slightly misplaced her though, much to the amusement of the more experienced Dolly!

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  1. Pairing is awesome you should do this more often

  2. The red cow milker is for sure the strongest vaccum machine in your barn but I think that the goat milker suits human breasts much better and we can also see whats going on inside these cups

  3. Nice having two beautiful HuCows milked together with Dolly oiling Penny Lee’s large natural udders and Penny Lee reciprocating. Dolly’s reaction after seeing Penny Lee did not come close to centering her nipples within the red cow milker’s cups is priceless. Maybe this standing position is better used on a single HuCow so Update will capture all her facial expressions. Still hoping for pairing of Katarina Hartlova and Katie Thornton using the Red Cow Milker and the Clit pump would be a nice touch.

  4. Nip Trainer

    Thanks for listening to member suggestions! I’ve waited for something like this ☺️☺️

  5. Milkman2117

    Transparent cups for the red cow milker would be nice! @Admin, you could try looking up UdderOne. I saw they have some wonderful, clear cups and liners! It would be wonderful to have in the barn so we could all see the action inside the cups!

  6. THANK YOU Milkman2117—Checked out website. I know admin will take advantage of your wonderful suggestion for transparent cups for the RED Cow Milker.

  7. Don’t say you are taking them out of their cages, say you are letting them out of their stalls.
    Sounds more dairy farmish.

  8. Sod the milk,,, I’d give them both all of my man fat

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