Vina on the treadmill

Vina on the treadmill

Our biggest success story, Vina, is going on the treadmill today! Members have been suggesting this for a while, and we agree: she has to stay in top shape to deal with all the harsh and exhausting milking sessions. Remember, Vina went from THIS udder size to her current size which is a 400% increase! So even though her udders have grown tremendously, her nipples still need a lot of work. Today, she will have some extremely powerful suction to her nipples while running on the treadmill! We hope to be as successful on the nipple size increase as we have been with her udders. It will take time, but Vina will get there!

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  1. Seventeen Updates over the course of forty-seven months for VINA. The increase in the size of Vina’s udders (breasts) is truly amazing. It is always nice to watch a HuCow’s nipples increase their size within the suction cups.

  2. she is very hot!

  3. Yes! Vina is back again! Trying to figure out where the little cow found clothes though. Cows should ALWAYS be nude and barefoot!

    • Nip Trainer

      Agreed. No clothes in the barn or the exercise room.

      One thought on Vina. Since she’s committed unlike any other model, she should start wearing cow ears for her sessions.

  4. Great update! More Vina is always great!

  5. Hot Libby

    Little Vina has definitely got a good set of udders to start with.
    They look so awesome, Sticking up ever so proudly.
    At the end of the session, I think Vina’s swollen nipples will need a lot more licking and sucking.
    I am willing to volunteer, if required

  6. As much as new hucows should be taught to be silent, I feel Vina is seasoned enough to be allowed to plead for milking during her sessions

  7. There is nothing like bouncing breast, all your models should try the treadmill

  8. Shoot more videos with Vina!

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