Curvy Ra – the farm inspector

Curvy Ra – the farm inspector

To our surprise, we were informed that our farm was getting a health and safety inspection! We were a little worried, because we are not normal farm of course! What if they see all the girls here? But when we saw the inspector they had sent over, we knew the solution: capture her! Look at the udders on this inspector! Curvy Ra has full huge natural udders and she would be a great addition to the herd. We caught her and put her on the milking bed right away! The farm inspector did not understand what she had gotten herself into, but she was soon milked by the electronic breast training machine at full speed! Her oiled udders dangled down the milking bed opening… Curvy Ra is a natural, her moans even sound like moos already! We will keep her! Thank you health and safety for sending her over!!

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  1. THANK YOU for inspecting the large natural udders of this red headed health and safety inspector. More sessions will be needed to increase the size of CURVY RA’s nipples. Would love to see an Update where she is secured to the metal milking frame in the barn and the red cow milker is pumping her downward dangling udders.

  2. RA !!!!! it is literally fitting that the inspector knows how all equipment works and how all hucows are treated…. BY BEING ONE!!!!!!! she has the perfect udders to make sure all hucows are safe. A REAL NATURAL HUCOW!!!!! Please show her again and again.

  3. Nip Trainer

    For the record – Curvy Ra is a lovely addition to the barn…but this won’t end well for the farmer! She goes missing, the other inspectors start searching around the barn – her last appointment – and the jig is up!! Better you just steer her away, follow her and grab her off the street a couple of days later!

    • I was going to respond that Nip Trainer is being too prudent. Based on my experience with Curvy Ra’s type, her colleagues are unlikely to miss her, and even if they bother to track her down, chances are they’ll congratulate you. (Especially if you offer them some of the dairy product.)

      But then I realized NT might be right after all. What if her fellow inspectors are similarly “gifted”? You’d feel obliged to host them too, and I’m not sure if you can afford expanding the farm in these difficult times.

      It’s not easy being a dairy farmer!

  4. She reminds me of that nasty feminazi known as Big Red! Make sure she gets the full, hardest treatment…

  5. I hope you plan on letting another hucow (or several) prepare her for additional restriction and milking. I enjoy your models, the bondage is amazing, but I am really into lezdom so I have yet to join the site.

  6. Dirk Scheigert

    Waere es nicht möglich diese Videos als DVDs zu verkaufen ?

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