Liz milks Blondie

Liz milks Blondie

Well this is a bright new idea! Why not use one HuCow as a farmhand to milk the another one! New girl Blondie hasn’t been milked yet, but her huge udders were suckled by Liz already. It’s time to get Blondie on a machine! But first, we locked Liz in a steel milking bra with a double breast pump running continuously. Why wouldn’t the farmhand get milked too? It is brilliant. Liz works hard to get her friend used to her first milking session, ALL THE WHILE being pumped herself! Blondie is extremely sensitive, so Liz needed to pull out all of the tricks to milk her friend. Even the magic wand made an appearance!

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  1. Great Update. These two beautiful HuCows need to be milked kneeling side by side in the barn like Cindy Dollar and Nicole Vice in HU191. The goat or red cow milker should be used to pump their udders. A farmer’s dream come true.

  2. Perfect video!

  3. I’d love to see vina partnered up with another hucow, but who?

  4. The other idea is a combination exercise/pleasure/milking setup.

    Set up one cow so she can rise up and down (or go back and forth) on a dildo. A harness attached to her waist provides kinetic power to a pump, which can be used for suction. That suction is then used to milk a second cow.

    That second cow is in a similar rig, so she pumps herself faster, to make the first get milked.

    Add in a valve ratio setup, where each cow’s back-and-forth motion can be reduced by the amount of effort sh puts into it.

    So you have both cows pumping themselves over and over on a dildo to relieve the pressure on their udders, but making the suction worse for the other. This action also provides a source of exercise, so eventually they will tire out, but until then you have milk, orgasms, and hucows

  5. Nip Trainer

    Suggestion – have Vina milking Katarina or Katie or Cindy Dollar. Vina is trained well enough.

  6. Love this new Blodie girl, she has big boobs and big ass, everythig you need for this kind of stuff. Pretty face and nice legs and feet is just bonus, please make more scenes with her!

  7. Can you do red cow milker with ether Little Lanta or Little Caprice on a bench?

  8. I would love to try this!! I am quite sensitive but I think that just makes it more fun. I wonder how large my nipples would get. I would also love to get my clit pumped. I wonder if keeping the vibrator on the clit for an extended period of time before milking it would make it even more sensitive. I wonder how large my clit would get and how long it would take for it to go down!! I would be so excited to try!! Is there anything I can do to experience this sensation??

  9. girlcowbev

    Why not have two cows back-to-back with a double-ended dildo? That should provide some exciting sensations for them, as they’re milked…

  10. anja1972

    Blondie, blond bimbo, deserves a big ring in her septum! And her lovely butt is quite spankable. Maybe she would look nice with some marks from a rattan-cane?

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