Blondie – a friend for Liz

Blondie – a friend for Liz

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One of the best ways to get milk flowing is breast suckling of course! In this new experiment, we decided to bring two HuCows together to see if this will work as well as we hoped. Liz is one of our favorites, with her pointy udders and large puffy nipples. She deserves a friend! So we brought in Blondie, a new HuCow with huge udders for Liz to play with. This is beneficial in so many ways: Blondie was calm because she was not alone, Liz got to suckle big udders, Blondie stimulated Liz’s udders with her soft hands, and they both got aroused which is also good for HuCows! We put the milking bed on top of Liz’s cage, so she could suckle Blondie’s udders. After a while, we decided they were both calm enough to be let out of the cage. Without any encouragement, Liz immediately put her head in Blondie’s lap to suckle those big udders! Wow, this worked way better than we thought!

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  1. Nice to see Liz suckling on Blondie’s huge udders. Maybe in their next Update together may members see these two beautiful HuCows secured to a metal milking frame in the barn and have the goat milker pump their udders like Daisy and Buttercup in HU072.

  2. Blondie needs to be milked. Maybe together with Liz, but most important. Restraint and ballgagged.

  3. Northfarmer

    Love to see more of Blondie and her big udders.

  4. Oh I can’t wait to see blondie hooked up to all your machines.. please bring her back soon! She’s beautiful

  5. woowwwww blondie is amazing i love her…
    milk her more..
    She is great asset for us now

  6. Blondie is pretty cute soon as I can get to you guys I will help out a lot just to milk her and if they needs to be bred I am the guy.


  8. Debería etiquetar a luz de forma permanente dado que la dilatación de la oreja se presta bien para ello y empezar a que sea solo un número


  10. nothing like some oral stimulation from another hucow….. more please

  11. So the Blondie has replaced Katie as my number one girl on this site, please add more of her!

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