HuCow 69 – promising

HuCow 69 – promising

Remember our series of new purchases? HuCow 69 was one of them. She had really well developed udders and her previous farmer had really milked her regularly. It showed, because she produced some drops already on her first session on the goat milker! We are still keeping her blindfolded and gagged to get her used to the new farm. HuCow 69 will need to continue her milking schedule, her big udders are full and heavy. We prepare her with nipple suckers and boob cuffs to get the milk towards the nipples, and they we milk her hard with the electronic breast training machine. We got the same result: more drops! This is very promising. Let’s see where we can get with this one!

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  1. very nice – Her huge udders are living up to expectations – continue to milk her hard – maybe add the fucking machine for more stimulation

  2. Nice to have another Update with HuCow 69! It is promising to see drops of milk coming from her left nipple. Maybe in her next Update the red cow milker can be used to pump her huge udders.

  3. Shes becoming my fave hucow for several reasons. That soft tummy that looks post pregnancy, the nose ring and submissiveness, and the fact that shes produces more and more milk each time. It would be amazing to see her playced on the symbian in the double pump bra for a while, and just see how much she makes. With training, she might make as much as the legendary maxi moom

  4. hucowlover

    Admin should keep this hucow 69 permanently. She is very docile, her udders are perfect for milking. I like her huge septum ring and blindfold.

  5. eine herrlich gut gefütterte Milchkuh mit schönem Fell sehen wir mehr von der Kuh oder ist sie verkauft

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