Katie – milked standing up

Katie – milked standing up

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Many members have asked us if it is possible to milk a HuCow standing up. Well, we tried it recently with our prize HuCow Katie and it worked! We made a frame for her which locked her wrists and ankles in place. Then we attached her muzzle gag to the top of the frame. Katie wasn’t able to bend over now, which she likes to do to dangle her udders. We started up the goat milker and put it on her oiled udders. It worked very well! Katie was only able to sway a little from side to side, clanging her HUGE cowbell. She is such a perfect specimen!

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  1. Oh wow!!! Love this new position, and love seeing more and more of Katie ☺️

  2. love Katie’s cowbell – matches in size to her beautiful oiled udders – you are right – she is perfect

  3. KATIE THORNTON is still the number one HuCow in the barn. Members can view thirty-five Updates to prove it.

  4. Awesome, this would be perfect for vina, maybe with a vibrator as a bit of added stimulation

  5. Katie is just awesome

  6. Can we get more Shay please

  7. Wow, I just joined the site. Amazing volume of content for the subscription price! Maybe a bit too much, don’t really have time to watch all of them. Except Katie of course, my fav, I will watch all of hers.
    Keep it going!

  8. Katie ist eine schön fleischige Großeuterkuh. Ihr fleischiges Euter ist sehr schön aber die Zitzen sollten doch noch auf 2-3 cm Länge gebracht werden. Schön wie die Glocke läutet.

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