Valentina Bianco – plugged and milked

Valentina Bianco – plugged and milked

Remember our HuCow Valentina Bianco? She was one of the first HuCows that got marked with the HuCow jewel butt plug color coding system (HJBPCCS), an idea that we had some time ago to plug all cows with jewel butt plugs. The color would indicate the type and experience of the HuCow. Pink was for new shy HuCows, and red for unruly/feisty ones (always use bondage with red plugged HuCows!). The system didn’t get used much since then, it’s not much help in daily life, but we have noticed that for some HuCows an anal plug takes their mind of harsh milking sessions. Valentina is still very scared, she needs a butt plug AND magic wand to help her through the milking sessions!

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  1. Nice to see this HuCow with big brown eyes again. The electronic breast training machine helped to increase the size of Valentina’s nipples. Maybe in her next Update may members see the red cow milker pumping Miss Bianco’s udders.

  2. Valentina’s exposed cow-pussy is in perfect position for the magic wand – would love to see a closeup of her udders and their progress – looks like they could use some physical stimulation and growth

  3. Any chance to get Daisy back ? I love her voice when her mooooing ….

  4. NICE! Valentina Blanco is a definite favorite on this site. Such a wonderful gorgeous tight little body with very lively shaped supple breasts with prominent nipples. Nice! Would love to see Valentina splayed out on her back with her arms and legs secured above her head with an anal plug and a vibratory plug on her clit and vagina giving her pleasure. Suction tubes on her nipples for some cupping action to keep her occupied is nice. Would love to see her nipples endure a pair if green elastic castration bands to squeeze her nipples with some compression and then have suction tubes exert some suction pressure upon her PERFECT NIPPLES. Valentina is gorgeous in this shoot. Please bring her back.

  5. Ella obrart

    How does this work. Lime being a hucow. Do you turn up and if so do you ever leave??

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