Jezzy – milked maiden

Jezzy – milked maiden

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Our HuCow Jezzy has stunning hair! Not sure if you noticed that in her previous sessions, but she is a true maiden! When we first captured her, she was wearing this amazing green medieval dress. We locked a big HuCow collar on her neck and tried to pull her dress down to see her big udders. But Jezzy was shy and she kept pulling her dress back up. Eventually we had to chain her to the wall (maiden style) to inspect and squeeze her udders. We then milked her with the new compact goat milker, which is a new type of slow and steady milking. Despite the monotonous sound, this machine actually has a strong pulsation and it is very powerful with loooong vacuum pump time and slow release. This allows for perfect nipple stretch training, important for big uddered (but small nippled) HuCows like our stunning medieval maiden Jezzy!!

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  1. Sub Niamh

    I so wish someone would do that to me!

  2. The new compact goat milker did a good job stretching Jezzy’s nipples.

  3. she looks so natural as dressed and chained to the wall … with the goat milker attached – perfect situation for her

  4. The gown looked great, maybe a wedding dress next time or a cabin crew uniform – either would look really good! Maybe a shock collar would help with udder accessibility. This cow also seems ideal for trying two different milkers, to see the difference.

    It’s a pity though that we didn’t see the milkers being attached & I always like to hear a bit more noise.

  5. I bought one one these to me! I use for some lactating girls at my city.

  6. Great position! Would love to see more like this

  7. Ella obrart

    Wish this can be done to me

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