Lisa on the compact goat milker

Lisa on the compact goat milker

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Don’t be fooled by the name, the compact goat milker is actually extremely powerful. It milks in a different way, maintaining a huge constant pressure while softly varying the squeeze vacuum. This means a HuCow’s teats are sucked into the cups very far, all of the time, while being gently squeezed to get milk out. Our freckled HuCow Lisa is the first one to try this machine on the milking bed. It was very harsh on her nipples, leaving them very red and ultra sensitive. But it was worth it! We had results again! The compact goat milker milked her so hard, some drops of milk came out!

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  1. Nip Trainer

    Amazing – her nips doubled in size!

  2. Nothing like seeing large udders hanging downward through the opening of the milking bed. The compact goat milker pumped Lisa’s udders giving the desired result of drops of milk falling to the floor from each of her nipples. In
    a future Update hope to see the double breast used to pump Lisa’s udders with her milk slowly filling its plastic bottles.

  3. Such beautiful nips and love her pumped udders – with the additional help from gravity, too

  4. Hot Libby

    Lisa’s tits are just right to be licked and sucked.

  5. Master Krishna

    Planning to Buy one for my Sub😈

  6. There will be new videos with Lisa?

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