Cindy Dollar – teat training

Cindy Dollar – teat training

One of the farmer’s favorite HuCows is Cindy. She has nice udders and she is very docile, the farmer can do anything with her and she will patiently suffer. It’s not easy for her, she has sensitive udders AND nipples, but she knows this HuCow life is what is best for her. Today, the farmer plans on elongating her teats a bit more. She starts off with nipple clamps (which she hates), and soon Cindy is strapped to the milking bench in a very strict bondage position. Her arms are behind her back and her head is pulled back and tied to the barn wall. The electronic breast training machine quickly makes her nipples 4 times bigger, it is very powerful. After a long session of teat pumping, the farmer finally shuts off the machine. Cindy’s teats are now very tender, but the farmer shows no mercy: the clover clamps are reapplied again! A terrible ordeal for poor Cindy, but she needs more training!

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  1. Great Update. Loved viewing her farmer removing and reapplying left nipple cup several times to make sure the electronic breast training machine was pumping each teat properly. This was a tough session on Cindy’s sensitive teats as she winced in pain when the clamps were reapplied to her nipples. Would have loved to have seen Cindy’s friend Nicole Vice on another milking bench milked next to her in the same manner.

  2. hucowlover

    Cindy is very docile hucow. Her teat need more training. Her udder and teat are beautiful. Nice to see farmer was strict to her. Again applied nipple clamp before and after of her teat training. Hucows hates nipple clamp specially clover clamps after their milking but they need it to grow as a hucow.

  3. Perfection! Cute & sexy slut slave bound, using perfect ballgag (head-harness & chin-strap), & teats clamped before & after teat suction!

    P.S. inner-framed nursing bra would be awesome!

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