Thiccy Niccy – HuCow orgasm

Thiccy Niccy – HuCow orgasm

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We haven’t used the compact goat milker much yet, but this little machine is SO powerful! It is only for the more experienced HuCows, because its vacuum action totally overpowers its pulsation. Niccy is back for more milking and she looks better than ever! Just look at her back arch on this milking frame! Big butt, elongated nipples with piercings, soft udders, a huge septum ring, Niccy’s body is just perfect for the HuCow life. Not only that, she gets more horny when milked! The compact goat milker manages to triple the size of her already big nipples, making them super sensitive. The farmer only has to touch them after milking to give her a powerful orgasm. Niccy is a keeper!

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  1. I 💖 Thiccy Niccy… her nipples after the goat milker???????? exquisite!!!!! love her septum ring …. she looks so hot strap to the milking frame – it is made for her

  2. A fourth Update with this beautiful wide-eyed Hucow within a ten month period. The compact goat milker’s vacuum power worked to enlarge Thiccy’s pierced nipples to three times their current normal size. The magic ward gave her a well deserved powerful orgasm after the milker was turned off and its cups fell to the barn’s floor. Hope someday in the near future members will see drops of milk coming from Thiccy’s pierced nipples.

  3. Patti Michelle

    Definitely a keeper as you say. Just love the big nose ring. It shows a great commitment to being a hucow for Niccy. Plus her teats look huge. Larger than alot of the other hucows.

    If she is willing to have such a great nose ring. I wonder if she will take another step and get ear tags like some farmers use to keep track of their cows.

  4. Nip Trainer

    The Nip Trainer approves!

  5. OpalHopan

    These updates are great always, this sites quality has improved so much over time and I’m very impressed and happy to be here since 2014! but please please please bring back the busty cows. I really miss updates with Katie, katarina, chessie, lulu, Christina. Those are my favorites and true cows, they’re the only reason I keep paying monthly! Please bring them back 🙏

  6. Think it might be time to breed Niccy

  7. Where did you purchase the compact goat milker?

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