Nicole Vice returns

Nicole Vice returns

Nicole Vice wakes up with clover clamps on her pussy lips. She is locked in a cage. What happened? Well, she is back at the farm! In the black room, Nicole wonders why she is back. She was not really suitable for the HuCow life, with her ultra sensitive nipples. All milking sessions were too much for her. And she was trained together with Cindy Dollar, who was way more experienced than Nicole. It seemed her HuCow training was stopped, but somehow she finds herself back in the hands of the farmer. He decided to give it one more go: sensitive nipples can be trained too! He starts off with the nipple sensitizers to tickle and massage Nicole’s delicate teats. Then it’s onto the vacuum therapy machine to pump her nipples to a much bigger size. To help Nicole, the farmer gives her a magic wand to distract herself. With a lot of patience, Nicole could still be trained to join the herd!

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  1. welcome back Nicole!!!!! this time for good!!!! those ARE perfect milk filled udders… sensitizers, vacuum therapy, whatever it takes. You have what it takes, even extra stimulation, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! and BE IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. NICE! Nicole vice has beautifully shaped breasts and lovely perky nipples. Really love the nipple sensitizers attached to her nipples to induce stimulation and pleasure as well as increasing the length, perkiness and hardness of Nicole’s nipples. Most especially love the cupping action with the suction tubes to increase the sensitivity as well as the erectness of the nipples. NICE!! Nicole has such wonderfully shaped breast with gorgeous nipples and amazingly lovely skin and such a gorgeous face with exquisite bodily features. Would like to recommend that smaller suction tubes be used to focus stimulation of the nipples themselves to lengthen, harden, stiffen and increase their sensitivity. Would also love to see the use of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched with a special tool and placed upon the nipples following the cupping action with suction tubes to increase and keep the nipples erect and perky. A beautiful site to see is the nipple encased with a band of elastic castration bands to provide a source of stimulation for the model. NICE!!! It is really great to see such models as Nicole on this site. Definitely a keeper for the hucows site. ~E

  3. Has it really been close to twenty-six months since Nicole Vice’s last Update ? Enjoyed seeing Nicole using the nipple sensitizers before applying the cups of the vacuum therapy machine to her teats. In a future Update could members please see Nicole and Cindy Dollar secured to the double milking frame like Daisy and Buttercup in HU072 and the red cow milker used to pump milk from their udders ?

    • Her tits look so good when they are pushed together Can they be banded together when pumped

  4. Is there any way we can put a nipple sensitizer on a clit??

  5. where do you get these nipple sensitizers? I’d love to try them out but cant find them anywhere

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