Vina triple pumped

Vina triple pumped

Of course, Vina can always be developed further. We have managed to grow her udders three times bigger. Now we are focussing on her nipples. Not for the faint of heart: in this session Vina’s nipples will be QUINTUPLED in size. They become bright red as the blood flows to the skin surface. It’s a very uncomfortable procedure, and Vina is secured to the medical ward’s bed and fitted with a huge gag for her own safety. While we were pumping her nipples on full power, we realized we never paid much attention to her clit. A well developed clit makes HuCows more sensitive to sexual stimuation, releasing more hormones. So we triple pumped our prized Vina in this session. Not for beginners!!

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  1. Yes! We love vina!

  2. VINA had to be grateful for the use of the clit pump while the electronic breast training machine worked to enlarge her nipples to five times their current size. AMAZING that VINA made very little noise during this painful session. Would like to see KATARINA HARTLOVA secured to the metal milking frame in the barn with her legs spread apart and the clit pump used along with the red cow milker to give her the most intense milking session of her HuCow life.

  3. Vina is getting nice and fat. Does she eat her meals willingly, or does she have to be force-fed?

  4. Nip Trainer

    Just my opinion, but I’ve always thought Vina has had it a bit too easy…up until now. A little harsher treatment seems to make her more productive (when she was spanked). Looking forward to more aggressive methods for her.

  5. Shoot more videos with Vina!

  6. Love the pictures. Thanks you

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