Katarina – triple pumped

Katarina – triple pumped

Katarina is tied to the hospital bed in the medical room. Even experienced HuCows need regular medical checks! The farmer will use the triple pump technique to expand Katarina’s nipples and clit at the same time. It’s a lot of pumping power on Katarina’s most sensitive parts! Especially clit milking is new to her, and with half of the power diverted there, her clit grows to triple the size! With tied udders, Katarina’s teats became more sensitive and the tight skin is sucked far into the nipple cups. The farmer turns up the milking speed without mercy. This is one of our prime HuCows, she needs the most intense training sessions to make her even more perfect!

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  1. Carina Neupart

    Imagine going for a walk, when everything suddenly goes dark.
    The next thing you remember is waking up like this.
    The life you knew is over, and you are now forced to live out the rest of you life as a breeding hucow.

    If only…

  2. There is NOTHING like watching beautiful Katarina’s nipples and clit slowly expanding at the same time while she is secured to a hospital bed in the medical exam room . I hope someday members will see this type of milking session for KATIE THORNTON .

  3. She is the sexiest hucow

  4. katerina everyday

    katerina should just live this out as her real life not just the occassion scene shes just too perfect for it

  5. Love vacuum pumping theme.

  6. More of this type of content please, with storyline of hucows being undressed and taken into medical room for clit milking

  7. Sissy Slut Tina

    My breasts need that type of training.

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