Jada Sparks – captured

Jada Sparks – captured

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The farmer found Jada having a nap in one of the milking rooms. She was so tired, she didn’t even wake up when the farmer started inspecting her udders. Jada sure looks like a prime specimen, with really large full udders! She was added to the herd immediately (of course), because it would be incredible to fully transform her into a HuCow! Jada was collared and chained to the wall with heavy cuffs, her huge udders exposed. Helpless and scared, Jada watched the farmer attach a double breast pump to her udders, turning up the speed more and more to stretch her nipples. She will have to get used to regular pumping sessions, because we are not letting this one go before she is fully trained!

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  1. Another way to help label the hucows, the butt plugs with changeable gems. Each gem tells how well a hucow has been conditioned to her new life. The colors also indicate how much reward a hucow can get after a session. Bad hucows might just get teased for an hour, but no orgasm. Good hucows get milked, orgasmed, and fed by a hollow dildo gag.

  2. A nice start for Jada with the double breast pump working to stretch her nipples . Would like to see an Update with Jada secured to the black milking bench and the Red Cow Milker pumping her large full udders .

  3. I can’t wait to see more of her!! Wow!! One of the best models yet, look at her udders

  4. I agree, best hucow boobs ever.

  5. Nice! Jada Sparks looks great and lovely shaped breasts and perky nipples. Love hardened nipples. BUT WHY just one nipple piercing ? PIERCED BOTH NIPPLES or no piercings at all. Otherwise she just turns in circles to the right. Jada Sparks looks great and amazing. Definitely a KEEPER!

  6. 1st, agree with Steve on the pierced teats issue.

    2nd, Jada’s nipples require lengthening, which is enjoyable for all involved, by use of teat clamps & suction devices that are small enough to focus exclusively on her nipples not areolas (best way to lengthen them).

    3rd, the above should be done while she is ballgagged & wear an inner-framed nursing bra.

  7. Anonymous

    How I wish someone would grab me off the streets and turn me into a breeding cow!

  8. Her, Katarina and Blodie – they leave competition far behind.

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