Latex Rapture – sybian session

Latex Rapture – sybian session

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It is a lot of fun to milk Latex Rapture! She is super sensitive everywhere… nipples, clit, all of the interesting areas are extremely vulnerable. Clover clamps are a terrible ordeal for her, and of course, that is what the farmer starts with. Then it’s onto the sybian machine to relentlessly vibrate her clit. Latex Rapture’s legs are strapped so she can’t lift herself off this powerful vibrator. The strongest milking machine, the red cow milker, is then used to pump her sensitive nipples to three times their original size, all the while getting stimulated by the strongest vibrator in the world. Her poor HuCow brain just couldn’t deal with this much sensation at the same time. But even when the milking was over, the farmer kept turning up the Sybian speed, giving her many powerful orgasms. And yes, the session ended with her biggest fear: nipple clamps AFTER milking. Poor Latex Rapture!

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  1. After her first Update I suggested that Latex ride the SYBIAN and the RED COW MILKER be used to pump her beautiful udders. I THANK the ADMIN for honoring my request where the milker enlarged Latex’s nipples to triple their original size and gave MISS RAPTURE many powerful orgasms . THANKS AGAIN !!!

  2. awesome body, nice treatment for her to endure

  3. Excellent job! Her hucow brain will be open to ideas after that much stimulation, so make sure to tell her she belongs here and that she is to stay.

  4. Nice update. I think what’s next for latex Rapture, is Groping, breading, and oral training at the same session

  5. I would love end up in Amsterdam and spend a week being trained like this, the world’s lack of teleportation sucks.

    Simply wonderful.

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