Latex Rapture – brain washed

Latex Rapture – brain washed

This new HuCow came in as a tall confident redhead. She will soon be converted into a very docile HuCow, but there is a lot of work to be done on this one. Her nipples are ultra sensitive, which makes training a lot of fun for the farmer. To really transfer Latex Rapture into a HuCow, her brain needs to start associating the pain of milking with the pleasure of sexual stimulation. That will get the hormones flowing and it will condition her to look forward to her next milking sessions. Of course, this is only the first session, so we are not there yet. But training highly sexual and ultra sensitive HuCows is not very hard, she will be a very obedient member of the herd soon!

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  1. Cannot wait for these juicy sluts to start wearing inner framed nursing bras while bound, ballgagged, teat clamped, & pumped.

  2. The electronic breast training machine worked well to enlarge LATEX’S ultra sensitive nipples . Maybe in her next Update can MISS RAPTURE be secured to the wooden milking frame , hands cuffed behind her back and be riding the SYBIAN while the RED COW MILKER pumps her udders .

  3. The lovely sounds Miss Rapture make during her session almost sound like she is mooing like the hucow she is. Very sensitive teats and she sure did love the added pleasure so providing stimulation seems to be the way to go with her.

    Lovely udders that I hope will be able to be made to produce. I look forward to seeing more of her training

  4. Name of actress?

  5. Another great addition to the herd!

    It will be fascinating to see her journey as she develops away from this initial uncertain whimpering into an acceptance with what is surely the naturally docile, contented and obedient cow state that this large uddered cow specimen has been built for.

  6. Hallo bin hier richtig wegen mehr Infos zur HuCow?oder kann man auch hier chatten u sich darüber näher informieren? lg Eva

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