Little Lanta – sybian and red cow milker

Little Lanta – sybian and red cow milker

Little Lanta is the cutest HuCow, but also the naughtiest! The farmer had her waiting in the barn, handcuffed and ready for her session, but when he left her alone for a minute, Lanta slipped her hands to the front (she’s flexible!) and started exploring the farm. She played with the controls of the sybian, and the red cow milker, and was running around handcuffed just having fun until the farmer caught her again. She was quickly collared and handcuffed behind her back again. The farmer pushed her onto the sybian, turning the vibration up immediately. Lanta needs to learn her place. It was time for a hard session with orgasm training, nipple sensitizing, the powerful red cow milker, and even nipple clamps after milking (Lanta’s worst fear). Maybe this will teach her to behave!

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  1. Nice! Little Lanta is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a keeper and bring her back soon. Love to see the models on the sybian getting their edge on and aroused. Nice!

  2. Anonymous

    Everything about this update is perfect. One of my favorite models, nipple sensitizers, red cow milker, stimulation, and clamping afterwards. It’s like I custom ordered this video.

  3. Gymnast , Atlanta Moreno was able to slip her cuffed hands from behind her back to her front and walked around the barn exploring and wondering what was going to happen during her milking session . Love how her farmer positioned Atlanta on the Sybian after he handcuffed her wrists behind her back for a second time and used the nipple sensitizers before placing the cups of the RED COW MILKER over nipples . Wondering ” WHY ” after clamping her enlarged sensitive nipples ; Atlanta’s farmer DID NOT secure her collar to the wooden milking frame and turn up the power of the Sybian ? An INCREDIBLE session for this BEAUTIFUL HuCow .

  4. LuciferAlFaust

    please bring thiccy niccy back for next week

  5. hucowlover

    Every hucow now going under harsh nipple clamp training after milking. Farmer is training well.

  6. Master Of Cunts

    A ballgag strapped into her suck-hole will make this a perfect video.

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