Elizabeth – latex HuCow

Elizabeth – latex HuCow

Look at the cute latex HuCow suit Elizabeth is wearing! Her collar has a little bell on it and it reads ‘koe’, which is Dutch for ‘cow’. She really wants to transform into the best HuCow possible! Her main problem is that her poor nipples are hyper sensitive. And the farmer really wanted to work on expanding them today. Starting off with painful clover clamps on her nipples, Elizabeth is cuffed to the milking frame. The vacuum therapy machine is used to triple her nipples in size. It is not an easy session for Elizabeth, who is really doing her best to be a good HuCow! To make things worse, the farmer ends with his favorite thing: nipple clamps AFTER pumping. Elizabeth yells out in pain. That was so harsh for our poor cute latex HuCow!

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  1. Loved watching Elizabeth’s nipples slowly expanding within the cups of the VACUUM THERAPY MACHINE to three times their current size .

  2. The other fun idea would be using a feather across her nipples after the pumping. See if the light touch can be used to further stimulate her.

    Of course the hucow did a decent job, so she should be ‘rewarded’ with a few minutes on the sybian, so she has some orgasms. She might not want the ride, but she will get it anyway.

  3. What a lovely hucow Elizabeth is. Lovely udders perfectly presented by that outfit she is wearing.

    Her teats are wonderfully responsive both to the pump and the clamps.

    I look forward to seeing more of her development

  4. Elizabeth really seems comfortable to accept the dominant cow factor in her new Hucow life.

    I like too that the farmer takes his time both before and after her treatment to assess those large cow udders with generous groping and feeling with his hand. I’m sure the cows always enjoy that inwardly and eagerly await his attention.

    Docility is an important feature for a Hucow and Elizabeth really demonstrates that. Such a good natural cow Elizabeth!

  5. robaloo

    her transformation was lovely to watch… cannot wait for the next hucow to be changed forever

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