ZoeyZiptie – expansion testing

ZoeyZiptie – expansion testing

This HuCow with her ringed udders was a fan favorite when she first appeared on this site. She went straight on to the strongest machine: the red cow milker! But what is her potential? Today, we will find out her udder stretch capacity by doing an expansion test. The farmer starts and ends with nipple clamps on Zoey’s sensitive nipples, to remind her of her position on the farm. She is a HuCow now, and she will be tested and milked very regularly! The only question is… what type of session would you like to see next for this pierced HuCow?

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  1. ZOEY’S udders slowly expanding within the clear plastic cones of her training bra showed their growth potential and it was something to watch her udders slowly contract after the electronic breast training machine was turned off . Zoey can become a prized member of the HERD if she is willing to endure various treatments to expand the volume of her udders like her fellow HuCow , VINA .

  2. What a perfect Hucow ZoeyZiptie is. Lovely udders and that session proves they have real potential so more sessions are needed to fill them with that longed for milk.

    Love the pierced nipples they have potential for weights or another way to secure her where she is needed to be in between milkings.

    I look forward to seeing more of her sessions

  3. Zoey is so awesome! Really hope we get to see more of her!

    Ideally red cow again while locked to the frame (standing this time).. and ideally without a gag too!

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