ZoeyZiptie on the milking bed

ZoeyZiptie on the milking bed

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It is time to put ZoeyZiptie on the milking bed! This cute blonde HuCow has permanent piercing rings in her teats, which makes it very interesting to milk her. She is a pure submissive, collared and gagged, and her piercings are perfect for keeping her chained in the barn. Many people have wondered if it is possible to put a pierced HuCow on the goat milker (which has smaller openings than the cow milker), but the farmer will show you today it is no problem at all. Of course, Zoey’s nipples will increase in size, which might make it harder to remove the cups after milking, but with enough oil (important) everything will be safe. Nevertheless, it was a harsh milking session for ZoeyZiptie with the full weight of the milking cups hanging off her udders, and clover clamps before AND after milking!!

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  1. Nice! Absolutely LOVE Zoey Ziptie and especially the PERMANENT PIERCED NIPPLES. Assuming that her nipple rings have been soldered PERMANENTLY into her nipples! NICE! Zoey Ziptie looks very submissive and willing to endure some hucow treatments! Nice! Such a lovely Hucow. Would love to see her return for some more milking sessions. Would be extra nice if she were bred and began producing milk. EXTRA NICE!

  2. Loved how Zoey’s farmer took his time placing the cups of the goat milker over her nipple rings and then carefully removed them from her enlarged nipples at the end of her session on the milking bed .

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