Denise – exercise

Denise – exercise

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The farmer has Denise nipple clamped almost all of the time. This is to stretch her nipples and prepare them for the milking machine. Stretched nipples go further into the cups. But Denise hates nipple clamps, because her nipples are very sensitive. The farmer leads her in on a leash, and Denise immediately knows what day it is: exercise day! She will be cuffed to the treadmill and the farmer will regulate the speed for her. She will have to run along! This time though, the farmer doesn’t even remove her clamps, and when she gets up to a full running speed, they swing around wildly. To prevent that, the farmer hangs a heavy padlock from her nipple clamps, stretching her nipples even more as she runs. Then it’s time for the goat milking machine! Denise running at full speed, swinging her big udders while getting milked by the goat milker, it is a sight you don’t want to miss! After her session, it’s time (you guessed it) to put those clamps right back on. Denise is definitely developing bigger nipples!

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  1. nice – would love to see her exercising and riding ANYTHING!! have to keep those marvelous udders milked and nipples stretched to the max – a healthy hucow is a happy hucow

  2. DENISE is under twenty years of age , is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and has big natural udders. What farmer would not like to see her completely naked on the treadmill with her big udders bouncing up and down ? Denise’s enlarged nipples at the end of this session speak for themselves.

  3. HopefulHucow22

    I notice Denise isnt listed as a permanent resident here or on the the visit page, has that changed?

  4. How much do private milking sessions cost for these hucows?

  5. Nip Trainer

    My oh my! Poor little Denise got quite the workout in this update 😈😈 she was quite a mess at the end, wasn’t she?

    She’s the new star hucow in the stable. This treadmill run is second only to the legendary Hartlova run!!!

    I’d love a Denise update every month / other month! Would still love to see her do a team up video (with Cindy Dollar?)

  6. hucowlover

    Wow running on treadmill looks wonderful, with clamps on or milking it looks even hotter. Farmer make her were nipple clamp all the time except while milking it’s good idea to stretch hucows nipple. Clamping sore nipples after milking was best part of her training as it helps to improve nipple tollerence as well as stretching. Denise is a very good and well trained hucow, I think she needs a septum ring as a reward.

  7. ich denke man kann sie jetzt auch decken lassen

  8. ninjaboobs

    PLEASE put this woman on the sybian

  9. I hope the next video the website uploads is a video of Denise again :D

  10. wow running without sport bra is painful

  11. I wish i was one of your hucows.I really like to be trained as a cow…

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