Denise – enlargement training session

Denise – enlargement training session

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Denise, our young HuCow, is going through lots of harsh sessions at the moment. The farmer wants to maximize her potential, and you (the viewers) keep ordering custom videos with Denise. So her nipples have to endure a lot. Like today, when poor Denise is handcuffed and chastity belted, awaiting her new ordeal. It’s clover clamps first, including hard tugging, then it’s on to the vacuum therapy machine with huge nipple cups. The farmer hopes to increase her nipple size a lot in the next weeks. Pumped till she is super tender, Denise is clamped again after this session. She suffers so beautifully!

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  1. What thoughts were running through Denise’s mind as her farmer put a collar around her neck , clover clamps on her nipples and cuffed her wrists behind her back ? Denise started to whimper a little when her farmer removed the clamps , turned on the Vacuum Therapy Machine and positioned the cups over her nipples . Denise’s low whimpering continued as her nipples slowly enlarged until the machine was turned off , the cups removed and she let out cries of pain when the clover clamps were reapplied to her very tender nipples . Denise will need to endure many more sessions like this one to enlarge her nipples .

  2. How do you order custom videos!

  3. hucowlover

    Farmer very often clamping nipples before and after milking, a very well thought. would like to see Denise with septum ring.

  4. Sissy Slut Tina

    I do need vacuum therapy!

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