Diamondly’s nipple enlargement training

Diamondly’s nipple enlargement training

Young HuCow Diamondly was very scared at her initial intake, because we wasted no time in pumping her udders to triple their size. Now it’s her cute nipples that will undergo enlargement training, and Diamondly is panicking… she is not ready for this. We had to gag her with a big gag, but she still wouldn’t stop struggling and moaning. The only solution we could think of is to put her on the Sybian, the most powerful vibrator in the world. This is often the only way to distract new HuCows from the discomfort of vacuum treatments. We had to turn up the Sybian very high, resulting in countless orgasms for this poor young girl. You have never seen a HuCow more exhausted at the end of a session, Diamondly was completely spent. Training sessions are never easy, but we have high hopes this beautiful specimen will get used to her new life over the next years.

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  1. The best of the nine Updates of a HuCow riding a Sybian on this website. DIAMONDLY’S nipples slowly grew in size within the cups of the electronic breast training machine while she had many orgasms. Is DIAMONDLY willing to go through many more sessions like this one to become the next VINA in the barn ?

  2. WOW! This shoot is Fantastic! Diamondly is PERFECT and is superb in this shoot. Lovely to see a struggling model being restrained and made to cum over and over while having her nipples sucked hard. WOW! P.S. only way to make this go over the top would be to have Diamondly to have black or opaque contact lenses installed to obscure her vision BEFORE the suction tubes are applied to her nipples.

  3. love nipple training … speaking from very personal experience

  4. Nice! Oh so Nice!! Diamondlily is so wonderfully cute and gorgeous to admire and oogle over. Second the request to increase her fear and trepidation by obscuring her vision with a pair if BLACKOUT CONTACT LENSES that would limit her vision but not obscure her beautiful face. Diamondlily is so wonderful to look at and so cute. Would also like to recommend the use if a pair if green elastic castration bands that can be stretched and placed on the models nipples to remain perky, erect, hardened and enlarged to maintain the sensitivity effect. Also would be nice to tease and please the model with some additional sensory deprivation. Diamondlily is NICE!

  5. Ella obrart

    How would I become a cow

    • One you can get the machines your self and do it and have your friend’s help or go to them.

      • I don’t think they are cheap machines. Also, part of the appeal is in the restraints it entails, and finding friends to do it with isn’t easy.

  6. Great , really beautiful,
    if you would put a mirror on the wall behind the girl you could see the naked barefeet / soles and the naked ass / back with her hands tied up.

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