Manuela – moved to the barn

Manuela – moved to the barn

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Many of you have asked about Manuela, our captured MILF secretary HuCow. Yes, she is here permanently and we are milking her regularly. She is even available for private sessions, and some of you have already been here to massage and milk Manuela’s gorgeous udders. We have moved her to the barn. She is definitely not a secretary anymore! Her new life is here on the farm, crawling around in her collar, getting milked and restrained. We milked her with the most powerful machine (as requested): the red cow milker. And after her milking we clamped her sore nipples again! Manuela did not like that at all, clamping after milking is very painful! But what can she do… she is a HuCow now.

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  1. very nice ….. in the barn where she belongs

  2. THANK YOU for honoring my request of pumping her big natural udders with the red cow milker. This Update shows why farmers have made the trip to The Netherlands to have a private milking session with MANUELA.

  3. Ella obrart

    Id love to be like her

  4. Hey, You should have a farm Doctor/ veterinarian closely examine the health and strength of the hucows heart’s with a stethoscope while being milked. It’s all for their safety and well being of course!

  5. nice to see you clamp her nipple after milking

    • It is very painful though.

      • hucowlover

        I know it is but don’t care what is necessary should be done to a hucow, and you should try it more on hucows, if they can take it.

  6. I love redheads with gags and strong tit-suckers…

  7. If I’d been born female,I’d have submitted myself to becoming your permanent property and subjected to daily milking.

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