Ulysse – pulsator fail

Ulysse – pulsator fail

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Remember our French HuCow Ulysse? She is very agressive, doesn’t like being touched, and she fights during every session. After a lot of sessions we still consider her untrained and untamed. But we want to keep her in the herd, because her udders are perfectly shaped, soft, and pointy. Just perfect udders on a not-so-perfect HuCow. Today she is going on the milking bed. The goat milker’s pulsator failed to kick in for the first minute though, sucking Ulysse’s teats further and further into the cups without any release. And when it finally kicked in, she was milked harder than any HuCow ever before on the goat milker, because her teats were so far in. Poor Ulysse, she already hates her HuCow life, and now she just had some painful bad luck too. Needless to say, Ulysse was a very angry HuCow!!

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  1. It would be nice to see new huCow videos in VR 360 °. Is something like that planned?

  2. mmmmm… the pulsator should be set to operate like that for ALL hucows

  3. She needs to be on the double pump next.

  4. What a difference one minute can make in a milking session when the pulsator does not kick in when the cups of the goat milker are placed over ULYSSE’S nipples. I have to agree with robaloo that this should be tried on all HuCows. – Katie Thornton, Katarina Hartlova, Vina and young Ariel to name a few.

  5. The malfunction couldn’t have happened to a more deserving cow. Maybe now she’ll think about calming down and accepting her new role and life. But I know she probably won’t. Oh well, works for us!

  6. First this “malfunction” needs to just become the new standard operating procedure! Second, maybe milking her on the sybian will help her transition better to her life as a cow?

  7. When will we see her on the double breast pump?

  8. ich habe erwartet, dass ihre Zitzen richtig lang gezogen wurden, sie sind zwar schön groß aber eher breit gesaugt worden. Macht nichts

  9. Not gonna lie, this turns me on so so much and I fantasize of being treated like a huCow with bondage.

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