Thiccy Niccy – vacuum therapy

Thiccy Niccy – vacuum therapy

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So we own this new HuCow now. Her name is Thiccy Niccy and she came with a septum piercing and nipple piercings already! She is fully trained and very obedient. When we let her out of her cage, Niccy obediently padlocked her own collar to the wall and started oiling her udders. We have a new vacuum therapy machine, and we let Niccy try out all of the settings on herself. She LOVES getting milked, it makes her nipples very sensitive. She might be a little addicted to this feeling, maybe Niccy even gets turned on by it! With big nipple cups, a good part of her udders was sucked, which will develop the tissue nicely. Niccy knows this is her life, and her septum piercing is a constant reminder of that. New machine, new HuCow, what a great day!

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  1. The new vacuum therapy machine produced nice results after slowly sucking THICCY’S udders within its big nipple cups. Maybe in her next Update may members please see THICCY in the barn and the red cow milker cups placed over her pierced nipples. Miss THICCY NICCY is a welcomed addition to the HUCOWS.COM herd.

  2. NUCE! Thiccy Niccy looks very nice and gorgeous with with olive brown skin beautiful eyes and lovely PIERCED NIPPLES and a septum piercing to go along with her gorgeously lovely body. NICE!! A great and wonderful addition to the hucows pen. A great addition and such a gorgeous creature. Really need to see her in pleasure and may we suggest sitting her on top of a Sybian with some nipple suction tubes to entice her to a wonderful orgasmic pleasurable experience for the viewing audience. NICE!!! Thiccy Niccy has very expressive eyes and such GIRGEOUSLY PERFECT PIERCED NIPPLES. NICE!!!! Thank You webmaster for bringing this lovely addition to this site. Please bring more exotic additions to this site and would live to see some Asian/Oriental women especially Chinese, Japanese, Phillipina, Indonesian or Vietnamese lively ladies who would enjoy having their nipples sucked on by some cupping action. NICE!!!!!

  3. Septum ring is a must for hucows. It symbolize ownership over them, they look like true cow with it, their behavior become more docile as it became remainder of their worth. But this honor only should given to trained hucows. And I think Thiccy deserve this ring.

    • Surely you are right, but I, who would like to try to be a hucow, would nevertheless give me a little qualm about the ring in my nose

      • hucowlover

        If you got training and become experienced hucow it would be lot easy to take one in your nose, but if it not suited your taste then without septum ring you can be a very good hucow. But my suggestion is you should take this honor.

        • As I was saying, surely you are right, and I admit that it is something that fits perfectly with the condition of a hucow, but something happens to me with the ring on the septum. I think I would be willing without any problem to much more extreme things, but something special happens to me with that, it causes me like a rejection, and I don’t know why.

          • hucowlover

            So you already have a septum ring installed but it causes you rejection. And you like to be a septum ring hucow. I am very happy to hear that you like this. I don’t know how big your septum ring is. If size is matter here you should try with small one. If size is not the matter as you said you don’t know why it happens I think it is your mental issue particularly on septum ring. As I said at least you can play (hucow) make milking session with your master/husband. I wish you will overcome with the issue you have and be a good hucow to your master/husband with a large septum ring on your nose and do regular milking session with your master/husband.

    • William48

      I will agree with you yes but the have to full way trained mark.

  4. HOT wearing a nosering – the bigger the better

    After the milking, she just need to coll down wearing a boobcontrolbar

  5. Thiccyniccy on a sybian would be great!

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