Kerry – cute cow

Kerry – cute cow

Kerry is still having problems with her regular milking sessions. So she needs more training to help her get used to the machines. Kerry is very cute, with her braids and her big submissive eyes! We start her off with some nipple suckers to puff her up, then we lock her in a new position on the milking frame. This is actually a very interesting position, we might use it more in the future! It’s soon time to rip off the nipple suckers and get some real suction going on Kerry’s cute udders. She whimpers in her gag… will she ever get used to this life?

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  1. Has it really been eighty weeks since Kerry’s last Update with the red cow milker pumping her udders ? This Hucow’s expressive eyes and muffled whimpers of pain let members know that this was a tough session for her. Kerry’s braided hair gives her that look of the cute little girl from next door.

  2. Yes Kerry is very cute and looks great locked in this new milking position, [Got to get Katie on it!] but wondering if it would be better with the neck bar lower?
    What do other farmers think?

  3. She should be trained more to become docile. Next time train her udders on electronic breast training machine to grow her breast large.

  4. Where is this happening? I would love to be milked like that! Can I be next?

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