HuCow 38 – nipple training

HuCow 38 – nipple training

With the recent purchase of HuCow 38 from a struggling farmer, we are kept quite busy with all these newcomers. They all need to be milked, oiled, massaged, and stimulated very regularly. Fortunately, HuCow 38 was already used to this training regime, and all we have to do is give her regular sessions with our machine. But we think her nipples could use a little enlargement still. We pump them hard with the electronic breast training machine, almost quadrupling them in size. We used a new style of milking frame, HuCow 38 is bent over very far, with her head chained back, for optimal access to her udders. After this session, we do the thing all HuCows fear most: putting clover clamps on ultra sensitive nipples! Good thing HuCow 38 was chained down, or she would have bolted! The very painful nipple clamping made her produce some ‘moo’ sounds. She’s a good girl!!

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  1. perfect udders for the full breast training regimen – they look built to take anything put in their way with udder sucksess…

  2. The electronic breast training machine did a great job slowly increasing the size of her nipples during this session. Still hoping for a session with no blindfold, head gear and ball gag. It would be nice to observe HuCow 38’s eye movements and facial expressions as the red cow milker pumps her plump udders.

  3. Gags and blindfolds are a superb combination!

  4. Hucow 38 udders are used very nicely. Farmer made another hucow wear clover clamp after milking. I know hucows fears it but it is their faith. It is not very difficult, farmer just need confidence. Hucow must be trained this way. Big cow bell was a nice touch. Please insert septum ring on this cows. Farm hucows should be decorated with septum ring.

  5. Linda C Hands


  6. Can I offer my udders please?

  7. I wish I were closer and could be a hucow for you. I know of no one close to me in the central US.

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