Lisa on the treadmill

Lisa on the treadmill

Our freckled redhead HuCow Lisa needs some exercise, like all HuCows! We try to keep our herd fit and happy, but there’s not much space for them to move around. So the treadmill is a perfect solution. And why not milk her at the same time? Efficiency is important on any farm! Lisa can handle huge ballgags, which means she can only breathe through her nose. That’s pretty hard when you are running on a treadmill getting milked! The bell on her collar clanged nicely as we made her run fast during this training session. Her nipples were very swollen at the end. And Lisa? Well, she was exhausted!!

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  1. Wonderful to have an Update with this beautiful redhead with her long ponytail. The electronic breast training machine worked to enlarge the size of Lisa’s nipples and they were quite swollen after her training session on the treadmill. Maybe in a future Update may we see Lisa secured to a metal milking frame in the barn and the red cow milker used to pump her large udders like Katarina Hartlova in HU171.

    • You mean like this?

      • Politely – NO – Would like to see LISA in a standing position with her collar locked to the metal milking frame and her wrists handcuffed behind her back. Lisa’s large udders could dangle and swing as she struggles before massage oil is applied over her downward hanging udders. Lisa’s farmer could use the goat milker to pump her udders since she already has had a session using the red cow milker. THANK YOU, ADMIN.

  2. she is very hottie I’d fuck her any time she wants!

  3. she SHOULD be exhausted…. those are fantastic udders!!!!!!!!!
    nice heavy duty machine – first Katie, now Lisa….
    alphabetically … the next will be Manuela? – her udders could handle it – or is it the machine can handle her udders?

  4. When will w be able to see Jessy Joy again

  5. Will you be doing male hucows that are Milked by a milking machine and will they cum inside the milking cups?

  6. You will need to get some hucow to the medical ward/check up place.

  7. hi admin, what is the purpose of . Is it to show case developments of udders in men using milkers/hormones Or Using penis milking machines to enlarge their penis.

  8. She is to slow, we need a lot more bouncing udders, now she is running anyway, I mean that is the point

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