HuCow 210 finds a new home

HuCow 210 finds a new home

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Another stray, picked up by our farm! With the current crisis going on, there are still farmers who can’t afford the care for their HuCows anymore, so there are quite a lot of them on the market now. You can pick one up quite cheap, even well trained ones! We adopted the voluptuous HuCow 210 as soon as we saw her, she has magnificent udders and she is readily trained. She still needs a gag and restraints though, but she is accepting all touching and massaging without panicking. HuCow 210 has been milked many times before, but never by a machine that is as powerful as our red cow milker. A good start in her new home! Welcome, 210!

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  1. HuCow 210 is a wonderful addition to the herd. The farmer’s use of a rope harness to support the weight of her big udders was a great idea. The red cow milker’s pumping really worked to enlarge the size of 210’s nipples.

  2. 210 is quite good looking I suppose but she and the other newbeys will need to go to the medical ward for a check up in my appinon all hucow’s need a check up every now and then or is it just me who thinks like that.

  3. Another livestock hucow after 54,38,69 now 210. also many more new comer fresh hucows. Hucow 210 is a nice year end purchase. Like her cow hood with horns. Septum tag is great idea, this tag number is more visible to the farmer. Her udders are grate but nipple isn’t that much. Farmer did mate her to redcow milker on first attempt which is good for a trained cow. Her nipple need more attention, hope farmer will make her go with full power on red cow milker and clamp those nipple afterwards.

  4. What a great update! 210 is beautiful. Her tits are really amazing and looking stunning with this ballgag and breast bound! She would definitely enjoy the stimulation of a anal hook and fucking machine. Hope to see more of her soon..

  5. Nose tags and – or a big nosering – is so “wild ” more model cows should use that extra “bling”

  6. predhead

    I enjoy her signature cow hood in her two videos. Pair her with 38 please!

  7. Why not have real sex with a cow while it is milking?

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