Lisa – back to the barn

Lisa – back to the barn

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Now here is an interesting story: Remember Lisa from 4 years ago? She wanted to be a HuCow so bad that she contacted us to have a voluntary session on the goat milker. We never heard from her again after that. Until this week, when she suddenly emailed us. Lisa wanted to show us her progress! And wow! She looks completely different! Nice fat udders (tripled in size from 4 years ago) and a great body! We insisted she should stay for another session, but she wasn’t so sure. Some bondage and a gag would be needed this time, but we really wanted to test her improved udders on our most powerful machine: the red cow milker!

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  1. wow… what a change in her udders!!!!!!!!!!!!… I do not advocate kidnapping, but now that she is back …….make her an offer she would not want to refuse. perhaps other hucows could use their wares to extol the virtues of staying … maybe vibing or fucking while being milked could persuade

  2. Fifty-one and a half months ago(Hu020-May 16, 2015) we saw Liza place the cups of the goat milker over the nipples of her udders. Liza even talked a little while that milking session took place. Time has passed and it is nice to see this beautiful HuCow with bigger udders again. A collar, O ring gag in her mouth, and hands cuffed behind her back got Lisa ready for her session using the red cow milker. The results of bigger nipples and udders after the suction cups were removed made the wait worthwhile. Lisa—Please don’t make us wait another fifty-one months to see you milked again.

  3. nice boobs, I’d like to fuck and fill her pussy with my sperm!

  4. there are some dildos that you can fill with a hot jelly to simulate sperm, would be fun to see her been fucked by a fuckingmachine and her pussy filled with a hot jelly!

  5. milkman and MITCH …. agreed

  6. So glad that Liza finally returned to the barn where she belongs as a hucow. She’s changed a lot, but loved the familiar reaction in her nipples after suction. Would love to see the effects of consistent training.

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