Cobie – breast training machine

Cobie – breast training machine

Remember famous bondage model Cobie reporting to the farm out of curiosity? She regretted that! But now she is in the program, she needs further training to see if she can become a good hucow! As you may have noticed, Cobie’s udders are very firm. There is only one way to make them a bit more supple, and that is the dreaded electronic breast training machine. We had to come up with a new milking position, just for this session, so Cobie wouldn’t have any chance of stopping the training. Don’t be mistaken: this is a very exhausting and uncomfortable training, and Cobie did great! We got some nice results which you can see if you watch the entire video, so join now! It’s worth it!

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  1. Metal bondage device around her neck and wrists gets Cobie ready for her session using the electronic breast training machine. Once the suction cups are placed on Cobie’s firm round udders her facial expressions show the machine is really working. The machine has done the job as the farmer is able to squeeze Cobie’s now supple udders after the cups are removed.

  2. the breast training is definitely doing a great job. love that Cobie is in chastity too!!!!! This allows her to concentrate on her future as a hucow.

  3. Nice Aussie tits

  4. Nice! Connie is absolutely gorgeous in this scene. Would love to see Cobie restrained in this position but strapped onto the top of a Symbian orgasmic machine driving her mad from orgasming and cummings while enduring a nipple suction torture. In this scenario though Cobie’s nipples have a pair of GREEN ELASTIC CASTRATION BANDS stretched and placed upon her PERFECT NIPPLES first and then a pair of suction tubes are placed on her PERFECT NIPPLES for some intense cupping action. Cobie is great in this scene and her breasts and tears are PERFECT. Her nipples are great as well and need to be enlarged by some intense suction cupping action.

  5. Where can I buy this orange breast cupping machine where do you purchase the vaccine machine? I saw one video girl was using a glass auction cup looked like two cups in one sucked her tit s and nipples till they were seriously huge
    Can you send me links to purchase items
    Are any meds or supplements to encourage
    Lactation used

  6. Cobie is great! I hope we see lots more of her in the future!

  7. I am completely obedient and I would love to be milked on your farm and serve your site. I am a trans and I need to be a sex slave

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