Curvy Ra – oiled and groped

Curvy Ra – oiled and groped

Poor Curvy Ra is still not happy about being on the farm. She was captured a long time ago, and she really isn’t used to being treated like a HuCow. The farmer only has interest in her large udders, but Ra is a person too!! Right? Wrong… the farmer just has his way with her, oiling her large udders to keep the skin in perfect condition for her milking sessions. A powerful session with the electronic breast training machine makes Ra tear up with discomfort. Good thing the farmer takes his time to massage and squeeze her udders, comforting her in her new life as a HuCow. It’s not easy for some of our herd members, but training must continue!

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  1. Nice! Curvy Ra looks all oiled up ready for a hucow session and ready to please the biewing audience. nice! Would like to see more Fetish oriented Submissive Ladies such as this. Most especially with large hardened perky erect and eraser head nipples for cupping action with suction tubes. Nice!

  2. QUESTION – Has it really been close to three years since members saw Curvy Ra lactating into the plastic bottles of the double breast pump ? Curvy looked like a different HuCow with her long straight black hair ; secured to a chair while she endured the pain of the electronic breast training machine working to enlarge the size of her nipples. Would love to see an Update where Curvy is riding the SYBIAN and the COMPACT GOAT MILKER is pumping her huge full natural udders and her milk is flowing through the lines into the milker’s metal tank .

  3. Nice! I like curvy hucows.

  4. Forced until she forgets her name and who she was before she was captured.
    All she can think about, is obeying her new owner and make him proud.

    She barely remembers the day she was kidnapped. The day she woke up in a barn with her udders strapped to a machine. Now, it is all she knows.

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