Natalia Forrest – nipple enlargement training

Natalia Forrest – nipple enlargement training

Natalia Forrest is back! She will get some nipple enlargement training, and she doesn’t seem too happy about it. She is not properly trained as a HuCow, she still speaks (in fact, she complains a lot) and she is not very submissive. The farmer makes her wait with clover clamps on her nipples. They hurt a lot, but worse is yet to come. Natalia will have a session on the electronic breast training machine, which will make her nipples three times as large! Natalia keeps saying ‘I hate it’ as the machine pulls her nipples further and further into the cups. In the end, she just turns off the machine. But the farmer isn’t done yet, he cuffs her wrists behind her back and simply starts the machine again. Poor Natalia!

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  1. Natalia! What a wonderful present for New Year’s evening! Thanks!

  2. A nice way to end the year with an Update with the beautiful Natalia Forrest ; an original member of the Herd going back to January 2015 . There is nothing like watching a Hucow’s nipples slowly enlarging within the cups of the electronic breast training machine to triple their size . THANK YOU to this website for eight years of Updates of trying to enlarge a HuCow’s nipples and increase the volume of her udders .

  3. Since slut complains so much, ballgag her suckhole!
    Great that teat clamps were used.
    Would love to see all the above while the sluts are wearing nursing bras (ones that have the inner frame).

  4. so nice to see Natalia’s back — and especially her front – what beauti-full udders
    a great way to close out 2022 with her pair – her nipples are fantastic
    (i work on mine too – they are so big!!!)

  5. Absolutely Fan Freaking F$#%^&*()G TASTIC! Natalia Forrest is absolutely amazing and has the most wonderfully perfect erect perky and elongated NIPPLES of all the models on this site. A absolute PERFECT TEN with such gorgeously perfect nipples. The only thing that could make this shoot even more wonderful would be if Natalia Forrest was sitting atop of Sybian love machine giving her some orgasmically induced vaginal pleasure to allow her to focus on giving pleasure to the viewing audience. More please, MORE of Natalia Forrest. Would like to suggest that maybe a pair of green elastic castration bands be fitted to her PERFECT NIPPLES to keep her nipples fully erect and aroused. Afterwards maybe a Mistress could test her sensitivity with a wartenberg wheel. NiCE!

  6. I love this update! She is such a good cow and I think the nipple enlargement is starting to work.

    If she complains any more I’d give her 30 minutes on the fucking machine.

  7. Natalia Forrest Lover

    Happy New Year, everybody! Just joined because of this amazing new video with gorgeous Natalia Forrest. Hopefully she’ll return soon again. Maybe she can be kidnapped and chloroformed and then she will be brought unconscious into the barn. Also as much I love her sexy voice complaining when she’s been milked, she should be gagged (ballgag or bitgag). That would be awesome!

  8. Happy New Year to Natalia Forrest!! AMAZING! FANTASTIC!! WONDERFUL!!! Natalia Forrest is an absolute dream and a tremendous beauty. Natalia has the most perfect and amazingly pointed perky nipples of any fetish model on this site. Such a tremendous delight to see such a gorgeous model getting her erect and hardened nipples enlarged through the milking machine. Would SECOND the request mentioned above of having Natalia experience a PAIR OF GREEN ELASTIC CASTRATION BANDS stretched and placed upon her perky nipples. Only seen that once on a fetish model and it was a tremendous delight to see the model squirm and squeal in pleasure pain and stress/strain on her perky nipples. Would also like to recommend that Natalia be confined upon a Sybian pleasure machine to induce more pleasure upon her body and the viewing audience teasing and tormenting her to CUM while experiencing the pleasure of nipple enlargement. Such a wonderful site. Please bring Natalia back for some more viewing audience pleasures. ~E P.S. Would also like to recommend the use of a pair of white opaque contact lenses or black contact lenses be placed upon her eyes to obscure her vision for some sensory deprivation play so restrict her senses and induce a higher level of excitement in the model. NICE!!!

  9. I am so jealous…. I wish I was her!!!!

  10. anderzoncontroll

    Perfect model, Perfect nipples, Perfect boobs, Perfect scene for cooling them nipples/boobs of afterwards wearing a boobcontrolbar

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