Ulysse doesn’t like to be touched

Ulysse doesn’t like to be touched

Remember French HuCow Ulysse? She really never wanted to be here. Her hyper sensitive nipples are a big problem for her when she is doing sessions. She can’t even stand the farmer touching her anywhere on her body. Being a HuCow means you get touched a lot. There are massages, tests, medical checks, and a lot of squeezes and pinches. Today, Ulysse will be on the milking bed. She was already whimpering before the session started. A ballgag and restraints are still definitely needed for this one! The relentless nipple training action did its job, her nipples doubled in size! Obviously, Ulysse was anything but happy about this result. She doesn’t want to be a promising HuCow, but her soft natural udders will keep her here for a while longer.

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  1. Ulysse will eventually learn… eventually….She needs to be broken, and will be! She will come out of this as she should be, a docile hucow, mooing with delight rather than whimpering

  2. Is it possible that this French HuCow is even prettier today than she was two and a half years ago ? Did the red ballgag in her mouth hinder Ulysse from making the sounds we have heard in previous Updates OR has she mellowed due to her milking sessions ? The milking bed allowing her natural udders to hang downward and have the suction of the electronic breast training machine really did make Ulysse’s nipples grow. Maybe for her next Update may we PLEASE see a repeat of Update-Hu 201 with Ulysse’s legs spread wide open and the Clit Pump used for extra stimulation.

  3. very nice pumping!

    you could use an internal vibrator also.

  4. Excellent update. This girl is becoming a favourite.

    Will Katarina be returning soon?

    Would love to see an escape/torture update for her. Katarina was taken from the streets, she has accepted her new life but sometimes fights back and struggles. Please please do a movie where you catch her trying to escape, she begs you to let her go, she cannot last anymore, she wants to see her husband and child. The next scene she is tied to the bed and is being milked and vibrated, begging you to stop. You close the door and turn off the light, subtitle says “8 hours later” you come in and turn on the lights. She is laying there broken and the milk containers is near full. You turn it off and she passes out. No more escapes.

  5. Taking about medical checks. Can we get a vet visit update? Rectal thermometer, breast inspection, measurements, and inspection of the cow’s holes.

  6. Nice to see a strait nipples to cups setup – pull, I would go and get a glassblower shop to make me a pair of heavy cups, so you have the naturally weight of the cups, as well as a better look of the nipple movements inside of them, as that is really something new to see. Thanks to a nice model for participating and have fun with it as well, I hope.

  7. Hmmm, I like this machine and suction cups. Nice to see them pull on the nipples and it does not make a lot of noice. I find that hard noice disturbing when watching.

  8. you should do a video with the red cow milker where the hucow can try to pull off the cups. One that doesn’t like milking, like Ulysse, might learn that milking is unavoidable, and to just go with it, from being unable to resist. if you placed a hucow so they could touch the milker attached to their tits, but not the one to turn it off, then they could pull at the high speed and learn that this is their fate.

  9. HighlandHeifer

    I don’t love to be touched either but I know to become a good little hucow I need to give in and let my nipples be pumped as much as needed. I wish I lived close enough to come to the farm and be properly milked. Moo.

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