Katie – super high speed

Katie – super high speed

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This session with Katie was intense! She hates the red cow milker because it is the most powerful machine, and even though her udders are fully developed, her nipples are small and sensitive. The red cow milker always doubles her nipples in size, it is very exhausting and Katie always makes great moaning (moo) sounds when she is milked by the red cow milker. But in this session, we turned up the milking speed higher than ever before! Super high speed! It is an insane milking speed, combined with lots of power. Even though Katie is an experienced HuCow, she really had a hard time during this session, don’t miss it!

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  1. Love Katie,she’s the best.

  2. Could you uses the normal cow milker on Katie again ? She looked sexy with it.
    Have you asked here if she was interested in taking medicine to produce milk ?

  3. Should have put a vibe on her pussy so she could enjoy herself a little.

  4. Wrists and ankles shackled and arms and legs strapped to the padded metal milking frame this is the twenty-seventh Update for veteran gorgeous HuCow Katie Thornton. Any farmer would consider it a privilege to apply massage oil on Miss Thornton’s huge massive udders pointing downward and hanging freely. Katie’s face says it all when the suction cups are placed over her sensitive nipples and the red cow milker pumps away on its high speed. The milker turned off and the suctions cups dropping to the floor show this intense session has truly increased the size of Katie’s nipples.

  5. nice, but is always nice remove the pants to see the pussy!

  6. OMG Katie again, AT LAST!! Arguably the most perfect of your collection…

    And yes, every good cow should get the Hitachi treatment–cows with lots of good nipple-pulling orgasms are happy cows!

  7. You should do another video where a hucow has to stay standing, like with Caprice in the early days. Discipline is important too!

  8. Always a joy to see Katie and I’m sure her nipples can get longer!, but it would have been mind blowing to see her boobs cuffed and milked like you did on Arabella’s Introduction video or even the new milking stand as used on Angelica, which you haven’t used since, Oh well there’s always a next time?

  9. perhaps with the fucking machine, it will be more pleasurable for her

  10. She Is Back!!!!!! Queen of hucow

  11. Fantastic – if she is small enough to fit unto the “new milking stand” (October 2018), we would have a much better look at her breast / udders being milked, with this stand it is almost impossible to see anything.

  12. ClaudeClopper

    Katie You are so very beautiful and totally submissive in this milking machine. I wish all HUCOWs where placed in this milking machine. Could you do a picture from the rear showing her beautiful rump. Her lovely breeding hole. This milking machine call also be a great place to breed HUCOWS. They need breed often. When Katie comes in heat this would be a great way to milk her and breed her. I want to see semen run down her legs.

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