Liz – caged HuCow

Liz – caged HuCow

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Poor Liz! She has been caged and chained to the wall, nipple suckers on her teats, and a large bell around her neck. She looks defeated. Her nipples hurt from all the milking and she really hopes there won’t be a session today. Unfortunately, the farmer has decided to really try and elongate her famous puffy teats and he is making progress! Liz’s udders and teats are becoming very pointy, which makes them easier to milk. Her nipples get sucked into the red cow milker very far, which makes it quite painful for Liz to get milked, but the farmer is quite strict. Liz will have to get through this ultra hard session. Don’t miss it!

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  1. vey nice – love nipple suckers – sucker them far into the red milker – her nips looks so good !!!!!!!!

  2. The nipple suckers get Liz’s udders with her large puffy teats ready for another milking session using the red cow milker. Liz’s facial expressions, crying and screaming show what an extremely painful experience this is for her. Liz’s ankles could have been shackled to the base of the metal milking frame and the clit pump used to give Liz added stimulation.

  3. Her nipples get sucked into the red cow milker very far….

    If only we could see it .

  4. Why the girls never wear a little clothing and a pair of heels?
    It would be nice to see some.

    • GirlCowBev

      Cows don’t need clothing or shoes. They DO need ball- or ring-gags. Just sayin’.

  5. Fabulous! I am a mature HuCow living in NW England and happy to model for interested farmers!

  6. butt plug?

  7. Hey I have some questions. Do girls really start lactating when they are regularly suckled? Also do breasts grow larger after getting milked often? How often and how long time does it take to start lactating? I am just curious…

  8. Liz is Perfect to wear a mohair-sweather against her naked puffy teats. This will be extremely exiting on her cute nips, and keep her horny all day long.

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