Angelica – nipple enlargement

Angelica – nipple enlargement

You may not have seen German HuCow Angelica for over a year, but she is actually still a barn resident. She has only been used for private sessions, which many of you have enjoyed with her. Angelica is developing nicely, she accepts milking now without bondage! Remember when she screamed she did not want to be touched or milked? She has come a long way. Her nipples are not bad, a bit damaged from having been pierced in her pre-HuCow life, but they could be a little longer to make milking more efficient on all of our machines. So today it’s nipple enlargement training for Angelica, something she definitely does not like, but she now understands it has to be done. Enjoy!!

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  1. Fifty-three months ago in May of 2015 would you have believed Angelica would be applying massage oil to her udders and placing the suction cups of the electronic breast training machine over her nipples. It is amazing to watch Angelica observe how her nipples grow in size within the clear suction cups. If I wasn’t afraid to fly I would love to travel to THE NETHERLANDS and have the privilege of having a private milking session with this beautiful German HuCow.

  2. I like her a lot, I’d give her my dick for her to use as much as she needs!

  3. NICE!! Amazing to see Angelica again and undergoing some treatment to enlarge her gorgeous nipples. NICE!! Would really love to see Angelica continue her treatment to enlarge her nipples and strongly recommend continuous and enhanced nipple enlargement with a set of smaller clear plastic suction tubes to encase her nipples and extend them deeper into the tube by increasing the suction. Also, recommend HUCOWS staff and site to invest in a bag of green elastic castration bands and a pair of castration band applicators to stretch the bands and place upon the models PERFECT ELONGATED PERKY AND ERECT NIPPLES to enhance and extend the pointy nipples. The green rubber rings would look PERFECT on Angelica’s perky nipples. NICE !!

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