Penny Pocket – fucked and sucked

Penny Pocket – fucked and sucked

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Penny Pocket is still scared. Her small sensitive nipples have not received a lot of training, so milking hurts her a lot. Maybe we can improve her situation by adding a fucking machine? Surely Penny will appreciate some distraction while getting pumped by the goat milker at full power? With a nice pink jewel buttplug also in place, there isn’t much room for the fucking machine, but we make it work. Penny is so confused! Her mind tells her this session hurts AND feels good at the same time. It’s called conditioning, and Penny doesn’t even realize she is being transformed into a docile (and hopefully not so scared) HuCow!

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  1. Petite Penny…rooting for her nips to get bigger… until then, the caption fits – fuck and suck. She will love it as she becomes the perfect content hucow

  2. Update 250 with PENNY POCKET is similar to Update 200 with KATARINA HARTLOVA. Penny was not blessed with Katarina’s big natural breasts; but if she is willing to go through the same process as Vina her nipples and udders will continue to grow in size.

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