Ariel Anderssen on the treadmill

Ariel Anderssen on the treadmill

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Our tallest HuCow Ariel Anderssen is back for some more training! She doesn’t have very large udders or nipples, but we are determined to change that. With her endless legs, we thought it would be a good idea to put her on the treadmill today, all HuCows need exercise! We even made her wear heels, to add a little difficulty. We know HuCows shouldn’t wear any clothing or shoes, but walking on the treadmill in heels made Ariel focus on her steps, and she did not realize how long the goat milker had been pumping her nipples. This way we were able to triple them in size, we could barely get them out of the goat milker’s cups at the end of the session!

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  1. Ariel Anderssen was blessed with nice long legs which this Update shows off when she is walking on the treadmill in heels. The goat milker really did its job on the size of Ariel’s nipples. She always lets you know how difficult her milking sessions are by all the sounds and noise she makes.

  2. love her nipples…if only we could increase the size of her udders

  3. I love the treadmill videos.

    • Yes. Ariel Andersson has wonderfully long nipples with the right size. Her PERFECT NIPPLES SHOULD BE PIERCED WITH TINY STUDS. Nice!!

  4. Wishes do come true!
    Katie next, secured the same! Please!!!!

    • No High heels on Katie though. Remember “HuCows shouldn’t wear any clothing or shoes”!

  5. she deserve butt plug!

  6. I wish Ariel had done this challenge for Metal Bondage, then we could have heard her commentary too.

  7. Please, please , please get her to do more treadmill clips in heels. She is just sooo sexy

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