Clara – red cow milker

Clara – red cow milker

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Clara! Remember this girl with her huge natural udders? She did her first session on the milking bed, her udders swaying, getting pumped by the goat milker. Now it is time for the most powerful machine: the red cow milker. Can she do it? She needs to be treated quite gently, the farmer softly squeezes and strokes her udders to make her feel at ease. This is going to be a hard session for Clara! We all know it needs to be done, Clara has huge potential as a HuCow! She needs full restraints still, but it looks like she is getting more docile already!

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  1. She is amazing.

    Possible to have one where she is caught trying to escape and is punished with the goat milker on hardest setting?

    She is exhausted at the end and says “Please let me go… I just want to see my husband and my child… please”

    You turn the machine back on and walk away while she screams in pain/pleasure.


  2. Nice to see this beautiful HuCow again since her first Update was almost eight months ago. Clara made very little noise while the red cow milker was pumping her huge natural udders but her eyes let you know this was a very painful session for her. A nice added touch would have been separating Clara’s legs and using the clit pump; but maybe the farmer is thinking about doing that in an Update with Katarina Hartlova.

  3. she is very hot and has nice boobs! I’d like to fuck her and fill her pussy!

  4. maybe more pumping and we could see some milk came out from her boobs!

  5. I love how her udders wrap around the bar. Perfect!

  6. I want see her with butt plug!make my wish come true and i join site forever

  7. Linda C Hands

    So docile

  8. ich denke der Ziegenmelker wäre für ihre Zitzen besser geeignet, der Ziegenmelder macht längere Zitzen. Sie hat ein perfektes Euter nur braucht sie längere Kuhzitzen

  9. Probably my favourite update of all time.. i really wish we got more content with Clara she’s incredible!

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