Mira – first time

Mira – first time

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We acquired young heifer Mira recently and she did not really seem like HuCow material. Small udders, very sensitive, we didn’t know what to do with her. Until we saw her playing with herself. Mira has some very big labia that are super sensitive and she gets wet very easily. We decided that was the way to start her training! If we would put a high speed magic wand on those big labia, she might be able to deal with the goat milker. It was one of the hardest sessions we have ever filmed, but Mira made it! And she got her orgasm reward at the end. We are so proud of our newest young HuCow! She might be alright after all!

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  1. It is always nice to see a new beautiful HuCow added to the herd. Genital stimulation and the goat milker on her small udders are a good start for Mira’s training. Mira needs a number of sessions on the electronic breast training machine to help her udders grow. Is Mira willing to go through the same difficult milking sessions as Vina with the same long term results ?

  2. Its time to develop a pussy sucking tool! I mean there a two hoses left, right? One for sucking the clit, one for collecting the squirt! Can be held in position by your wand I guess…

  3. nice

  4. I love that big fat pussy, awesome

  5. new movie mira

  6. ClaudeClopper

    Beautiful Heifer needs breed do her udder grows. while she is strapped into milker the bull can easy breed her. if he is a good and proper bull he can breed her three times in 15 minutes. full of bull semen


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