Darina – milking bed fun

Darina – milking bed fun

Darina is one of our most docile HuCows now. Simply because she thinks it is fun! She happily drinks from her bucket, goes on the milking bed, and she is ok with all sessions. Any machine, any speed, any power level, Darina just takes it like a well-trained HuCow. The farmer can touch her anywhere he wants, she will never shy back or protest. She has come a long way since her first session, her udders are getting bigger, although one is getting a little bigger than the other (we might need to correct that). It’s a pleasure to milk such a fun, obedient HuCow. We could sell her for a lot of money, but we are keeping her for now.

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  1. Awesome!!!!!

  2. Love Darina, the milking bed is my favorite piece of equipment — with those hanging udders….having different size udders give hucows a little more personality. Please keep her!!!!!!!

  3. It has been thirty-one months since we last saw Darina on the milking bed with the goat milker suction cups attached to her udders. Her udders have grown over time with her right one being a little bigger. Maybe milking sessions should only be done on Darina’s left udder until it is the same size as her right one. PLEASE do not sell this beautiful blonde HuCow.

  4. RAVI
    Best video ever… Next time have her beg to be milked while on leash…
    She obviously enjoys being drained!

  5. RAVI!!
    Having her drink from the nipple is inspired

  6. Ella obrart

    How much money is a lot?

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